Hawaii When to Go

Hawaii sees considerably more tourists during certain times of the year

High Traffic

Most vacationers travel to Hawaii whenever their schedules permit, but if the choice is yours as to when you'll visit the islands, it may be helpful to know more about the best and worst times to go. The time, or season, during which you visit Hawaii can greatly effect your trip.

There are really only two seasons in Hawaii: summer and winter. Both are warm, but the winter months have considerably more rain. In some areas of the Hawaiian Islands, it rains every day during this time of year, but usually no longer than for three days straight in one particular spot. Despite the rain, the high tourist season falls during Hawaii's winter months and the low season during the summer. During the high seasons the islands will be more crowded with tourists trying to escape the cold weather of the more northern regions. Hotels, resorts, and other businesses on the island use this time to increase their prices, while during the low tourism season, vacationers will be able to find accommodations at discounted rates.

High Season

The peak tourism season in Hawaii starts in the middle of December up until either the end of March or mid-April. During this time Hawaii is a very popular vacation destination, particularly during the last two weeks of December. Temperatures in other parts of the world are at their lowest then, but Hawaii is maintains a daytime temperature of about 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you plan on visiting any of the islands during this time, you must make your reservations well in advanced, as many hotels and resorts will sell out. Also, along with the crowds, you should expect higher rates not only at the hotels, but also from the airlines and car rental companies.

Despite the would-be drawbacks, travelers find plenty of reasons to visit the islands during this time. For example, many Japanese vacationers travel to Hawaii during the high tourism season in the last week of April, which is known as the Golden Week. Three Japanese holidays fall one after the other, during this one week. Japanese travelers especially flock to Waikiki during this time, but the other islands also get pretty crowded. If you plan on vacationing in Hawaii at the end of April or early May, be sure to make your accommodations arrangements well in advance to avoid the possibility of everything being sold out.

Several of Hawaii's festivals and major annual events fall during the high tourism season, including the Aloha Bowl in December and several PGA championships in January. These events are incentives for travelers to visit the region as well. Many families also choose to come to Hawaii during the summer time, between June and August, when school is out. As a result, you won't find many travel deals during this time, either.

Off Season

Ironically, the best time to visit Hawaii may be during the off season which falls between the middle of April until the middle of June, and then from September until the middle of December. The number of tourists visiting the islands drops drastically during this time of year, so there are fewer crowds. With fewer visitors, hotel and airline rates decrease significantly and vacationers can find better travel packages. The weather during the off season is also better and more reliable, since there is less rainfall than during the winter months. If you're looking to save money on your trip, avoid large crowds, or enjoy a little more sunshine during your stay then this may be the best time for you to travel to Hawaii.

Some other things that you may want to consider when deciding on when to take your trip to Hawaii are that Maui, the Big Island, Oahu, and Kauai have the best beaches to visit year-round. Also, the islands see an increase in travel during federal, state, and government holidays, especially those that fall on a long weekend. Vacationing in Hawaii is possible during anytime of year, and it is up to you decide whether you'll visit during the high or the low tourism season.


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